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Fresh picked veggies for Pixel Point’s Garden Journal series. These Petite Journal covers have been stylized from the famous missing Black Triangle Card Seed Company seed packets – circa 1920. We have 16 in the series. Pick them while they are fresh. You may come by Pixel Points Gallery or shop online at our Etsy […]

This is a custom journal made for the 2013 Fur Ball in Anderson South Carolina. ┬áThe journal is donated to help the fund raising efforts for the Anderson Humane Society. This journal is a 144 page, 5 X 7 inch journal. The cover spine is Sand Bookcloth from Italy. ┬áThe cover and back are Eggplant […]

Love this art work for our newest Petite Journal in the Fruit Crate Art series! I am reminded of 1960’s art and lifestyles with this wonderful design. See all the journal art covers at our store for these wonderful form and function gifts!

Just can’t resist posting Fruit Crate Art designs for the Petite Journal covers! This cover is inspired by the steam ship travel posters in the 1920’s. Think Travel, Ships, Ocean, California, Lemons, Clouds, Vintage, Fruit Crate Art! All journals made by hand at Pixel Point in Downtown Anderson, South Carolina. Perfect for gifting! (and now […]

Pixel Point is happy about the California Fruit Crate Art covers for the 3 X 3 inch Petite Journals. We have a huge selection so that you can find the perfect match for your someone special. For this gift, think Orange, Purple, Airplane, Mountain, Travel, Oranges, Citrus, California, Travel! All made by hand at Pixel […]