Travel Journal

Our Travel Journals allows you to chronicle 45 trips and create a treasured family heirloom! The left page is composed of a series of “passport stamps” that create a place to capture the who, what, when and where of the trip. The right page is composed of a note to record reflections and a postage stamp to draw a sketch or jot down a quote. The various stamps are designed in collaboration with Yo Elig.

All of the theme journals from Pixel Point are designed to help you get your thoughts down on paper since staring at a blank page can be a bit daunting.

The 5 inch X 7 inch journals are 96 pages and constructed using the techniques described on the bookbinding information page. The cover image for a selected theme will vary as the coversĀ  are cut from a larger sheet of paper.

Enjoy this animation which will reveal the journal’s contents. Click on the corners to turn the pages or you can click and drag if you want to have the full book readingĀ  “feel.” You can double-click on a page to see actual size.

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