Book of Christmas Eves

The Book of Christmas Eves allows you to chronicle 50 years of Christmas Eves and create a treasured family heirloom! The left page is composed of a series of “gift tags” that create a place to capture the who, what, when and where of the magic night. The right page is composed of a note to record reflections.

The Book of Eves becomes part of your Christmas decor as the folk art by Neeley Spotts conjures up all kinds of Christmas thoughts and the fabric colors of the cover are perfect for the holiday season

The Book of Eves becomes part of your Christmas tradition as folks love to read about what they were doing on the Christmas Eves that milestone their life’s journey.

The 5 inch X 7 inch journals are handbound at the bindery at Pixel Point in Anderson, South Carolina using the techniques described on the bookbinding information page. The covers Italian bookcloth with an inlaid title graphic.  The bookblock is printed on TreeFree paper made from sugarcane and hand stitched with linen thread.

Enjoy this animation which will reveal some of the the journal’s contents.

Click on the corners to turn the pages or you can click and drag if you want to have the full book reading¬† “feel.You can double-click on a page to see actual size.



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