Handbound journals made at Pixel Point are Bound To Please! Our Journals are made in our studio in Anderson, South Carolina using the thought process that books are “picture frames” for words. Each book is constructed and designed to protect and enhance the impact of the content. We offer lined, unlined, sketch and themed journals like hiking, travel, nature,  garden, guest and event to help aide new journalers in having a reason to write and what to write about.

Each book block is:

  • made from Tree Free paper. We only use alternative fiber paper made from sugar cane, palm husk or banana tree by-products from locations and processes certified NSF.
  • constructed from 4 sheet signatures
  • hand saddle stitched with linen thread and kettle stitched to other signatures to ensure that turned pages lay flat.
  • spine reinforced with PVA and linen mull

Each book cover:

  • is made using Davey Board to minimize possibility of warping
  • is constructed with only the best cloth for resilient spines
  • is constructed with beautiful papers from all over the world.  We strive to use unusual paper made in small quantities from hand made paper artisans – kudzu vine paper from South Carolina and hand marbled paper from North Carolina are examples.
  • is constructed from re-purposed, up-purposed or hand-purposed papers.

Our book blocks are cased-in using:

  • long grain wheat paste
  • beautiful, coordinating endpapers
  • book presses that create a functional, clean and pronounced hinge

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