Pat McCaffrey

Mary and I first met Pat McCaffrey of Swampware Pottery at the Spring Jubilee in Pendleton, South Carolina. We were attracted to the the bright colors and peaceable creatures rendered in Pat’s folk art style.

Mary and I decided to make a road trip to her studio in Winter, Georgia and to take in some of the Athens art scene.

Our first stop, on a very early spring day, was the Good Dirt Gallery. This is a teaching/working studio where we were given a tour by Rob Sutherland, the owner and inspirational force behind the gallery. We were then off to Clayton Street for a walking tour of some galleries. The Last Resort Grill caught our eye and the wonderful aroma coming from the wrought iron patio definitely caught the attention of our growling tummies. What a treat! We had a delicious meal, some very good wine, and a table in a sunbeam which was welcome on this cool afternoon.

We were then off to Pat’s and soon found that her studio was off the grid of our GPS. After the road ran out, we called Pat and she guided us in on a dirt road to her studio. We were greeted by a very friendly dog who was glad we had arrived. We navigated around the various shrines and yard sculptures and found a parking place next to an interesting juxtaposition of an old tricycle and a clay mermaid!

Pat and her studio kitty welcomed us in to her working gallery. We were treated to the usual hodge podge of “stuff” found in such places and a table of recent work laid out by Pat for our visit. Mary spent time outside in the sun with the kitty while I talked with Pat and selected Swampware for the Artisan Gallery at Pixel Point. While Pat wrapped my selections, I enjoyed reading her “life story” expressed in a collection of bumper stickers plastered all over the studio refrigerator.

It came time to leave and we carefully backed out. We were ushered down the road by the dog who was now barking furiously. Pat had warned us that the she had a dog who would greet us warmly but would be upset when we left. Kinda’ like Pat’s creatures on her pottery, not exactly what you expect, but in a good way!

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