Matt Jones

We decided to take a trip into the Western North Carolina Mountains and were looking for some synchronicity. We decided to just follow the advice found in a North Carolina publication on artists and let that path take us on our journey.

It turned out to be a wonderful late spring day, and we were not disappointed in where the path led us. We were heading to the Sandy Mush Herb Garden (that’s a story for another day) when we realized that the Jones Pottery was also on our route. We rode past the place and turned around (we found Marlow Gates’ Friendship Brooms in the process) and made our way up Matt’s driveway.

We were treated to a delightful visit with Matt and his family. He took us through his working studio, and I was particularly impressed with the huge, wood-fired kiln that Matt uses to fire his work. Matt’s wife fixed us some refreshment, and we had a great time. Matt invited us back for the upcoming kiln opening so we could get a first look at his new work.

Matt has a wonderful place. It is worth the trip into this beautiful backroad setting to visit and view his work. You can also catch Matt at shows and, specifically, at the Highlands Craft Guild show in Asheville. I hope you enjoy the pieces that we have bought at his kiln openings which are on display at the Gallery at Pixel Point in Anderson, South Carolina.

Enjoy these wonderful pictures we took at Jones Pottery ~

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