John Gunther

It was spring and the mountains of western Virginia were painted in nature’s unique pallet of a million shades of green. Mary and I attended our nephew’s college graduation earlier in the day, and we decided to treat ourselves to a respite in Abingdon, Virginia.

We spent a leisurely afternoon walking the historic district. That night, we had a delicious meal and caught an evening show at the Barter Theatre. The next day, we walked part of the Virginia Creeper Trail but still had time late in the afternoon to drive some really blue highways to historic White’s Mill north of Abingdon.

We found ourselves in one of those places where the houses are located across a stream and are accessible only by parking on the side of the road and walking across a suspension bridge. This area was dotted with places like Low Land, Bethany Creek, and Gobble Branch.

We stumbled across John Gunther’s place. Unfortunately, he was not at home and we had to settle for pressing our noses against a window. We arranged to meet with him at the Southern Highlands Craft Guild Show later in the year. John is a colorist, and one of his media is dyed rayon chenille. If you can’t find your color combination among his many works, then it doesn’t exist. After meeting John at two of the shows, I was finally able to get some scarves for the shop. I still need to make that trip and poke my nose around John’s place and meet the neighbor ladies who do the weaving.

Enjoy some pictures from our trip visiting John and come shop for his work at Pixel Point. ~ (emh)

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