Jimmie Lynn Dykes

Jimmie Lynn is one of those folks who actually quit her “day job” and pursued her dreams. She is now designing gardens, making jewelry, and welding up landscape art. Somewhere in between, she is reclaiming her grandmother’s old home place up in Landrum, South Carolina which is to become her studio and home.

I kept bumping into Jimmie Lynn at various art shows and have always been attracted to her display of unique metal and enamel jewelry. I thought it would be nice to carry her work, but I couldn’t make the jewelry pieces fit my number one “must be functional” rule.

We stayed in touch, and I kept looking for an application for her unique skills. The opportunity came when I needed some clasps for my handbound books. Jimmie Lynn came up with the perfect solution using her metalworking and enameling skills.

I met her at The Bohemian Cafe in Greenville, South Carolina for “show and tell” and we both were ecstatic over how well these clasps turned out. On some of the clasps, she used embedding techniques leaving patterns of strange objects in addition to the enameling effects.

You can usually find Jimmie Lynn at the Saturday Market in downtown Greenville on the weekends. She shares a space with her friend, Laurie, who makes wonderful art using paper and small “found objects”.

So if you are still using rubber bands as closures for your journals, then you really gotta try this artistic solution from Wingo Designs! If you really want to use one as a bracelet, then go ahead, I won’t mind. (-cdm)

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