Chris Kamm

It was a fine fall day in October of 2004, and I was on my way to visit with Chris at his shop in Arden, North Carolina. I rolled out of the Balsam Mountains and was heading back southeast. I found a particularly pleasant byway and pulled over to enjoy my lunch and one of Western North Carolina’s perfect postcard vistas.

I navigated through Asheville, stopped at the Farmer’s Market to pick up some honey, and then headed south on I-26 and found my way to Chris’s shop. Chris was waiting for me, and he had prepared a “show and tell” about how he makes his signature jewelry boxes. As with every other artisan I have visited, “I see it done, but don’t know how they do it!”

The box making was fascinating, but Chris’s stories of his “on the road” life in the Gold Country of California were stiff competition. Chris apprenticed with a master craftsman and later operated his own studio. The “road” finally called, and Chris moved to Asheville and established his shop in Arden.

These boxes have a calming effect as, somehow, Chris builds in a little of his soft spoken spirit along with the wood and glue.

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