Charles van Sandwyk

We took an extended fall road trip through the Rockies of British Columbia. We actually started our trip on the western edge in Nelson, BC. After four relaxing days in this vibrant and quaint town, we headed north to Revelstoke, BC along Upper Arrow Lake. We stopped in the nice little town of  Nakusp, BC to stretch our legs and ended up meditating in the wonderful Japanese garden in the town park along the lake.

We passed a quaint treasure shop called Spiritwood. A book titled Affairs of the Heart by Charles van Sandwyk really stood out and spoke to our hearts and souls. We walked on to What’s Brewing On Broadway for lunch. Our wedding anniversary was the next day and I knew that I had to sneak back and buy that book, which I did.  Mary loved the book!

On returning home, I decided that Pixel Point needed to have the books by Charles and I started the process of trying to purchase them. I quickly found that these very special books were not to be obtained through any normal channel of distribution. I called the owner of Spiritwood and he informed me that word usually got out that a woman named Carlyn would have books available at one of the public libraries either in Vancouver or Seattle. Needless to say, that made it pretty tough for me back in South Carolina. I asked the owner if he would put out the word that I would love to buy the books for Pixel Point. Four months later, I got a call from Carlyn Kinney of The Fairy Press and we worked out an arrangement. So, these wonderful books and cards finally made the long journey and are available in the artisan Gallery at Pixel Point.

You will be charmed and delighted with the teachings of the peaceable creatures on topics ranging from wisdom to love to dreaming. The illustrations are each a work of art; the calligraphy is stunning; the verse is insightful. The books are just downright a joy! Please enjoy these cover pictures and a sample of the text for the books we carry.

You are invited to drop by Pixel Point, relax in my grandfather’s Queen Anne chair, and enjoy the real thing!

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