Brian Harriman

It was a chilly fall day and all my chores were complete, so a trip to the mountains seemed to be a good reward. I noticed in the paper that the Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands was in progress. A road trip was hatched on the spot.

I had in mind to see if Brian Harriman was showing again as I really like his handcrafted wooden utensils. I arrived in Asheville at lunchtime and enjoyed a sidewalk cafe treat near the Grove Arcade. I got into the show around noon and looked forward to a day of discovery.

Sure enough, Brian was at the show and he had a complete display of all types of wooden utensils. I knew that I was going to buy a bunch of them as they filled a niche that needed filling in my gallery line.

When the traffic at his booth cleared out, I got to spend some time listening to Brian describe his long trek through an assortment of activities to arrive at his current art of crafting fine utensils from select hardwoods. In the gallery are an assortment of spoons, spatulas, forks, and salad tossers. Rub these utensils occasionally with a little olive oil to retain their beauty.

I look forward to getting up to West Virginia this fall to see Brian and meet his family of Border Collies and cats. (-cdm)

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