Our gallery is all about supporting and promoting the artisans that are behind the work that we carry.  Since each piece of work carries the spirit of the artisan that made it, we feel that is important that you understand something about the artist and the context of their work.

We visit every artist that we carry in our gallery at their studio and strive to make our purchases on these trips.  We write up a story of our trip and include pictures from their environment to help you understand the back story behind the work. Please link to those stories from the gallery of artisan pictures.

Know the artist; know their work.  Enjoy~

Matt Jones

Crim Bassett

Julie Covington

Marlow Gates

Allen Davis

Mary McKinney

Brian Harriman

Jimmie Lynn Dykes

Darren Arsenault

John Gunther

Ozmint Hardy

Munsey Millaway

Pat MaCaffrey

Michael Ernst

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