Artisan Gallery

The Artisan Gallery at Pixel Point in Anderson, South Carolina was conceived on a trip to British Columbia and later refined on a trip to Nova Scotia. Slowly the idea of seeking out, acquiring and sharing works that meet a unique criteria was forged.

The items in the Gallery meet four requirements:

Functional - An item has to have a use. It holds something, keeps you warm or heals, among other things.

Form – The item’s form must be something unique and different. The object must be recognized as being “the good stuff.”

Organic – The object must have its roots deep in the earth. The artist has mastered not only the final step in giving an item a form but must also have worked to wrestle the raw materials from the land. Handmade is important to us.

Relationship – We must have met the artist and visited their studio and understand their context. The person and their art are one.

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