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April 11th 2012 04:59 pm

We had an interesting customer today at Pixel Point.

As usual, I was working “By Chance or By Appointment” hours today and got a phone call from someone that REALLY wanted Pixel Point to be open! Not a problem- I swung the car over to the studio to meet Ryan who had his nose pressed against the shop window and eager to get inside.

Ryan busied himself feasting on all the functional artwork in the gallery.  He wanted to know about every object and particularly where it was made and who made it. He started a pile on the work table that grew to considerable size.

My curiosity finally got the best of me and I asked,” So, Ryan who are the lucky people getting these gifts and what is the occasion?”

Ryan responded, “Well, I am making a business trip to China next week.  I want to have a gift for each one of my hosts.  After spending time in several gift shops, I realized that almost every object I selected had a Made In China label prominently affixed. It seemed kinda’ foolish to be buying gifts in Anderson that were made in China to be lugged half way around the world to return them to my hosts living in China.”


I approved of Ryan’s careful selection of handcrafted items all made in North America by artisans whose “hands are in the earth.”

  • Wooden vases hand turned from the round support poles once used in North Carolina tobacco curing sheds
  • Beeswax lanterns formed by hand dipping a mold into beeswax with embedded wild flowers grown on the artisan’s farm in North Carolina
  • Wooden kitchen utensils  hand formed from lumber from the families’ ancestral wood lot in West Virginia
  • Herbal soap made with healing herbs grown on the artisan’s farm in North Carolina
  • Notecards illustrated from the drawings found in a very special line of limited edition books made on Vancouver Island, BC
  • Petite Journals utilizing California Fruit Crate art bound the old fashioned way in South Carolina

You may not be traveling to China but if you are in need of special gifts that are functional with unique form, wrestled from the earth by caring souls then Pixel Point in Anderson, South Carolina is your source!


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