Are you stumped for a unique wedding anniversary gift? Let Pixel Point design the perfect journal for that special occasion.

The featured journal was created to celebrate the 60th wedding anniversary of a special couple. The guests of honor prefer an organic look so the book was crafted with papers from the earth. The cover is a dark sepia book cloth from Italy. The cover is a faded blue lokta paper from Nepal. The endpaper is a golden lokta fiber that has a fern pattern “sun etched” into it. The book block uses an alternative fiber from Costa Rica that is made from sugar cane left in the fields after the harvest.

A small wedding day picture is inlaid into the cover.

This journal includes a sentiment from the givers as well a carefully selected poem. The remainder of the journal contains pages for friends and family to enter their special memories and thoughts – so much more than just a signature in a guest book!

The journal is 96 pages -5/8 X 5 X 7 inches and constructed using the techniques described on our bookbinding information page.

Contact Pixel Point to arrange for your custom journal to celebrate the anniversary of a special couple!

Here are the prompts that make each entry unique:



How did you meet the couple?

What is a favorite memory of the couple?

What have you learned from the couple?

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