We worked a long time to learn how to etch our designs into copper plate, add a flame created patina and seal. One of our edition projects is to etch various Celtic Knot patterns around the word Journal and then use the resulting 2 inch X 2 inch plates as inlaid adornments in the covers of our books.

This Journal uses a ribbon motif in the knot.  Besides the cover, the design is also used on the title page and is “ghost printed” on each of the entry pages.

This journal has a very tailored look as the copper adornment is complimented with a black Italian bookcloth and a rich, leather finished lokta fiber paper from Nepal. Other journals in the edition feature different Celtic Knot patterns and different color spine and lokta fiber cover paper.

The book block is made from alternative fiber paper. The paper is made from fiber waste from the sugar cane harvests in Costa Rica.

You can read about our bookbinding techniques on the Bookbinding Page of our WEBsite.

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