Are you stumped for a Great Graduation present?  Pixel Point can design the perfect journal for that student heading off to college!

This journal is for a graduate heading off to Elon University in North Carolina.  The spine is Italian bookcloth.  The cover is lokta fiber from Nepal. The adornment is an etched copper plate with the school’s acorn and oak leaf, academic, logo.  The plate has been heat fired to create a coordinating patina.  The endpapers are a kozo fiber paper from Thailand with raintree leaf embedments also matching the schools’ colors.

This journal has a sentiment from the givers as well as some appropriate quotes.  The balance of the journal is lined with a faint watermark on each page of the same design etched into the cover.

The journal is 144 pages – 3/4 X 5 X 7 inches and constructed using the techniques described on our bookbinding information page.

Contact Pixel Point to arrange for your custom journal for the graduate to chronicle the next big journey in their lives!

Here is some sample text to show how easy it is to customize your journal with a sentiment.

June, 2011


You are starting on a great adventure in your life’s journey!  You are off to a new place and will meet new people and get to enjoy new experiences.

As with any trip, you will reflect on your past, embrace the present, and anticipate the future.

We hope that you will use this journal to capture your thoughts, your hopes and your dreams as you engage Elon University and all that it will offer you!

Uncle Jack and Aunt Jill


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