Petite Travel Journals

February 5th 2011 01:25 pm

We found some delightful papers at Hollander’s that are perfect for our travel themed journals. The papers are Florentine Prints form Italy and we are making journals from the French, Italian and English-themed papers.

The papers are collages of various travel ephemera such as postmarks, stamps, addresses and content from letters and postcards.

The classic size journals can be viewed in our Bookstore and the petite size journals can be viewed at our Etsy store.

The Petite Journals are terrific for conveniently jotting down notes on excursions as they easily fit into a pocket or purse. On return to your “base”, the notes can be expanded and transferred to your Classic size journal.   A Petite Journals and a matching Classic Journal make the ideal gift for a traveller!

Please visit our Bookstore online, our Etsy Store online and certainly visit our Brick-and-Mortar Store in Anderson, South Carolina!

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