Quick Trip to Jones Pottery

November 20th 2010 11:04 pm

It was an early mid-November Saturday morning and I was savoring a second cup of coffee from the comfort of my recliner. I was also fiddling with a postcard from Matt Jones announcing his fall kiln opening at Jones Pottery along the Sandy Mush – northwest of Asheville, North Carolina. To go or not to go was the question. Mary solved my dilemma by walking in dressed for a road trip and announcing that we better get crackin’. I’m glad we did!

We made good time up the Blue Ridge escarpment and decided that we were early and should make a swing through Asheville’s eclectic River Arts District and grab lunch at the Clingman Cafe. As soon as we took the Patton Avenue exit, we ran square into the middle of Asheville’s Christmas parade. Two interstate exits dumped traffic onto the end of the parade route.

After enjoying a great lunch and extracting ourselves from downtown Asheville, we slowly passed through the “air lock” and entered the peaceful countryside of North Turkey Creek Road and arrived at Matt and Christine’s studio for a very nice visit. Alas, the lap goat has grown up and joined new friends in the meadow. Matt and his apprentice had a huge number of new pieces that delighted us. I wanted them all, but we had to settle for two bags of treasures. Matt and Christine were pretty excited about Jones Pottery being the feature article in the September 2010 issue of Ceramics Monthly Magazine.

I can’t wait to get Matt’s new work unpacked, priced, and on the shelves in the studio. Please visit Pixel Point in Anderson, South Carolina to take a peek!

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