It was Memorial Day Weekend and Mary and I decided that we needed an outing.  I received a postcard from Matt announcing a Kiln Opening at Jones Pottery and that was enough to get us on the road.

The ride up through the Green River Gorge was spectacular. We poked along slowly after turning off Highway 93 as we wanted to enjoy the unspoiled section of North Carolina mountains called Sandy Mush Community. There is always a funky surprise along the way and we were treated to a giant, painted yard-art sculpture, which must have been the address of a farm – 388. We rounded the curve on Turkey Trot Road and spied Matt’s VW van. A hand-lettered sign announcing the kiln opening beckoned us up the unpaved drive to the studio.

I was stretching my legs and enjoying the beautiful wild flowers around the house when Mary motioned that I must come immediately. I was rewarded with a view of Christine sitting in the studio cradling her lap goat. It seems that Matt and Christine were adopted by a four-day-old orphan who has now become part of the household.

We munched on oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies, sweet tea, and fresh strawberries from the neighbor’s farm, chatted with Matt about his work, and slowly viewed all the pottery fresh out of the kiln. Mary kept stacking up her finds and I added my selections. Matt’s daughter wrote down our various items and ran the studio store for Christine. We picked out tea sets, soap dishes,  flower vases, coffee mugs, dishes and bowls – all with Matt’s distinctive style. I really wanted to purchase a lamp but, alas, we were out of budget – next time!

Matt showed me the wooden boat he was building in the shed and the poplar lumber he had stacked on the porch for a room addition. We took one last view of the gardens, said good bye to Peaches the goat, and we were off.

We stopped off in Saluda, North Carolina on the way home and were delighted to find that the Gardener’s Cottage and Brass Latch were open. I sneaked a purchase of a hemp garden dress for Mary’s birthday and lingered over all the creatively-potted plants. After a scrumptious dinner at the Saluda Grade Cafe, we made our way home very satisfied with our excursion!

Enjoy these pictures from our trip and please come by Pixel Point to see Matt’s pottery.

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