We finally mastered the ability to etch our custom designs into copper plates for use as adornments on our journals.   That story of arriving at a process is another journey all together and for those that want to delve into the details please visit our blog on the complete journey.

The result is stunning. The copper plates are 2 inches x 2 inches.  The design is etched to a depth of 10 mils.  A patina is added to compliment the cover elements. A protective coating is added.  This design is a graphic of the twiggy tree that sits on the table in the Artisan Gallery and has become a symbol of what Pixel Point is all about. The text on the plate is Nature Journal which is one of our custom theme journals. This journal has a purple linen spine that looks terrific with the mustard lokta paper made in Nepal.

As with all of our journals, the book block is hand sewn alternative fiber paper made in Costa Rica from sugar cane waste.

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